OMG! Start The Podcast!

Let's face it, your brain is a gold mine of untapped knowledge that's just screaming to be shared, and there's a lonely microphone somewhere out there waiting for you to bring it to life. Starting a podcast means becoming the change you want to see in the world, giving voice to those unspoken conversations you're itching to hear more of.

And I know, you think there is so much to starting and growing your podcast. But it's not! I show you in just 8 easy steps how to start your own podcast with your cell phone and ear-pods right from your own home.

And hey, let's not forget, the money that can be made in your sleep with starting a podcast. It's literally your golden ticket! A platform where you can transform your wisdom into content and unlock a treasure trove of financial opportunities. Listen—your genius isn't just a gift to the world; it's a profitable venture just waiting to flourish.

And of course, growing your podcast on a bigger scale, takes a few more bells and whistles, but even that can all be automated!

Join me in my LIVE Gem Dropping Mic Check Podcast Session, on August 21, 2023 @ 7:00 PM, EST. I'm showing you all the steps to start, grow and monetize your podcast.

  • Templates for booking guests
  • How to create a team
  • How choose topics and discussion based on the SEO
  • How to Automate post on different platforms
  • And MORE!

Wednesday, Aug. 21st @ 7PM! ~ Virtual

Let's GO!

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